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Dream11 clone

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Dream11 Clone

Dream11 clone is the clone version of the original dream11. It has all the functionality that the original app Dream11 has. As everyone Know Dream11 is a Fantasy Cricket app. Dream11, My11 circle, and many more fantasy cricket apps are earning millions nowadays. And the reason is simple they are fantasy cricket Applications. So codsuite developed a New Business opportunity Known as Dream11 clone for entrepreneurs. Dream11 clone is a fantasy cricket app. The increasing popularity of Fantasy cricket apps Attracts most entrepreneurs. And most entrepreneurs showed huge interest in the dream11 clone. So we developed dream11 clone best and secure version for them to welcome them. Into the fantasy sports app development industry.

What is Dream11 Clone?

Dream11 clone means a copy of the dream11 application. Our Readymade Dream11 clone app is secure and easily customizable. We are ready to launch the app at your convince. We are able to instantly launch on The Play Store and Apple Store. We are famous for our world’s best fantasy cricket app development. dream11 clone is one of the successful fantasy cricket applications in the market. We are passionate about fantasy cricket app development work.

Dream11 clone is a Fantasy Cricket app like dream11. For admins, it covers all expectations as an admin. Like player’s management, impressive user interface, & point’s board, and so on. For users, it is an online game/app. In which users have full freedom to create teams and take part in live and upcoming cricket matches.

The Fantasy Cricket App Development

We know the best fantasy cricket app development companies in the market. They are answering clients till the fantasy cricket app development process done. After that, they do not answer them properly. Sometimes they demand money after releasing the dream11 clone product for after-release support. But we stand out from all them in the quality of products & our services.

Codsuite provides the best fantasy cricket app development service. Also we are famous as specialized fantasy sports app developers. Because of our one of the best dream11 like app. We are providing one of the best fantasy cricket app development services globally.


The Fantasy Cricket App Development Business

We can create a strategy aligned with your KPI objectives that target active users.

Reliable app
Instant installation
One Platform for Fantasy Cricket




$22.31 billion in 2021


100 Million +  Users


USD 48.6 Billion by 2027

User Authentication

User dashboard

Join tournaments

Create tournament

app screen

Create a fantasy team

Invite and earn

CMs system

See playing & winning history

Role-based Dashboard

Manage contest

Manage users

View & manage earning

dream11 clone dashboard

Manage reward points

League Management

Match Management

Revenue Management

Dream11 Clone App Users Features

User Profile

For Users Royal Experience we have Premium UI & UX.

Easy Withdrawal

Easy Withdrawal System, Secure & Easily operable withdrawal system for users.

Reminder Functionality

Reminders functionality, The user will receive a Reminder before the match.

Creation & Joining

Users can easily create & join contests with the help of the simplest UI

Contest Information

Little Information about the contest will be there for users

Team Creation

Full freedom to create a team of most loved players

Inviting friends

The functionality of inviting using social media to play Free Fantasy

Match Details

A full portion of details of the match-related information.

Leader board

Leader board for showing leads and details of users who perform well

Dream11 Clone App Admin Features

Admin Profiles Based On Role

Admins have a separate section to maintain their profile based on their roles.

Match management

An Easy Panel for match Management. All in one place.

Revenue Management

Control and Manage money flow in-app by a separate section.

Leader Board Management

In-App there is a Full section for admins to supervise on The leader board.

Reward Points Management

For Managing Reward Points, we have a separate section

User Management

Different Section for Managing user data like earnings, team details & more.

Free Fantasy - Fantasy Cricket App Developed By Codsuite
Dream11 Clone

Things to know about Dream11 Clone

Dream11 clone is an inspiration from a popular game genre known as fantasy cricket. As everyone knows fantasy cricket games are popular nowadays. Where our dream11 clone app is unique from all others in comparison to functionality. Dream11 clone has an Impressive UI, a few surprises and attractions for winning. Those all tactics will improve the attraction & engagement of users. Dream11 aims to provide tremendous gameplay with keeping gameplay joyful.


Cross-Platform Support

Codsuite develops cross-platform apps that mean the app can work on every phone. We always suggest our clients for investing in Cross-Platform apps. Because the goal of Cross-Platform apps is to help in reach customers on many platforms. User can play their favorite fantasy cricket game on their phones after installing. We will help to share your app easily on both Platforms Apple store & Play store.

Free Fantasy - Fantasy Cricket App Developed By Codsuite

Why does anyone choose Dream11 clone?

As mentioned early, Our Development standards are very high in terms of security. So our dream11 clone app provides security in comparison to other app developers. We are working on every aspect of fantasy sports app development. So our developers have years of experience in fantasy cricket app development. We are in the clone app development & Fantasy Cricket app development market for the past 10+ years. So our Dream11 clone app is different because our experienced developer’s team developed it. Codsuite knows the changing market more than others. Which makes our dream11 clone unique from other Dream11 Clones. We are working on security and user experience development.

Advantages of Dream11 Clone

New Technology

With the use of new technology, we can make complicated things easier. So we always use new technologies

White paper solution

In your fantasy cricket app at your desired place we show that App is your & belongs to Your brand.

Ready to Launch

After discussing necessary customization. We are Ready to Launch your fantasy cricket app.

Easy to Access

Fast and Easy to Access & Maintain every part of Application using Admin Dashboard

360 View

We Provide 360 view of the Application at the Admin Panel which includes User Details, Match Details & App Data.

Secure Payment

We use a secure & easy to use digital payment platform. Which provides full security to your transactions.

Why Choice Codsuite for Dream11 Clone Development?

Codsuite is a leading fantasy app development company. We are famous for our best services. Such as customer satisfaction, The standard of development with Security, and structuring. We provide all the customization that clients want and also suggest some of the new ideas to clients. We are a great fantasy app developer company because of the best developer teams in the world. Our team has experienced developers. Which are masters in developing hard-to-manage web apps into simple web apps.


What is Dream11 clone?

Dream11 clone is your ready-to-launch fantasy cricket app. Dream11 clone has some of the similar features of the dream11 app.

Why did any one choose The Dream11 clone App?

As Everyone knows, Dream11 has covered the fantasy cricket app market in a very short time. Our Dream11 clone will open the success way for our clients to make a success like dream11.

What is the development cost of Dream11 Clone?

The cost will decide based on the discussion of requirements & customization.

What makes Dream11 Clone different from other Dream11 Clones?

There are many Dream11 clone scripts available online but it is safe to use? does it contain viruses? most important it provides a white paper solution? Codsuite provides Quality Development & Security with white paper solutions that make a difference.